Instagram just announced their newest update: Slideshows! You can now post and Instagram slideshow containing multiple photos in . Dots underneath the photo will show to the viewers that they are able to scroll through different slides. Here are 5 Fun ideas for using Instagram Slideshow!

  1. Before and After Pictures
    There have been so many times that social media clients want to post before and after photos, but the before photo leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re a photographer, post the before and after of a photo you edited, showing off why people should choose you for the look they want. Are you a professional organizer? Graphic designer? Post the before and after of a space you cleaned up or a logo you redesigned. Focus on how you visually improved something through your services!
    [bctt tweet=”Use Instagram Slideshow to show before and after pictures of how your business has improved your client’s life!” username=”sarahjuliia”]
  2. Photos That Don’t Fit Your “Aesthetic”
    I’m sure you’ve run into it – you took a couple pictures at an event, but your favorite one doesn’t fit with your aesthetic. Now is the time to let those run free! Too dark, too light, too much of a color you don’t normally feature – you can now post it and it won’t mess up what you’ve worked so hard to create!
    [bctt tweet=”Instagram Slideshow is a great way to share photos that don’t fit with your normal look, without messing up your feed!” username=”sarahjuliia”]
  3. Promotions
    No longer do you have to post only graphics for promotions! You can post a photo that relates, and have the viewers slide to the next one for the details. This will be absolutely great for everyone from creative entrepreneurs who run limited time deals to restaurants wanting to post their menus.
  4. Tell a Story
    I envision a photographers account, with three photos: the bride and groom at the altar looking at each other seriously, then happily, and then their first kiss as man and wife! Can you imagine how beautiful it would be to be able to put all those three photos together without the effort of making a video? There are a million ways this could work! A coffee shop showing the beans, the grounds, and the final product. A blogger showing photos of putting an outfit together. The possibilities are endless!
  5. Connection
    In order to grow a community surrounded by your business, you have to make connections with people. Now you can – without messing up your feed! I’d love to give shoutouts to a friend or an entrepreneur that has made a big  in a post once a week. Maybe you do a giveaway and you post a photo of them with another graphic showing the details of what they won. What’s the point of using social media if you aren’t creating connection and community?
    [bctt tweet=”What’s the point of using social media if you aren’t creating connection and community?” username=”sarahjuliia”]

I’m so excited about this new feature – I see it being as cool as Boomerang!

How are you going to use Instagram Slideshow today? Comment down below with any more fun ideas you have!

Till next time,

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