There are two types of movies that I truly enjoy:

  1. Dumb, brainless comedies. Bonus points if of the ‘romantic’ variety. Insert mocking from my partner here about how every movie ends the same way.
  2. Gritty, dark, action movies. Insert mocking from me about how every movies ends the same way.

It seems silly. But it’s true. The duality of me, and of humans, is reflected in these types of tastes. On the surface they may seem entirely different, but the reason I love both types of movies lies shallowly beneath the surface.

Even in my choices of dark and gritty action movies versus stupid rom-coms, there’s a recurring theme: escapism.

And that’s what I love so much about Batman Begins. I love a movie that makes you really think that the world is ending, a setting so immersive that you start believing that Rachel really will be hurt if she goes to the Narrows. What a stupid, stupid girl, I think to myself from my couch while I shovel popcorn into my face.

I find myself continuously inspired by some of these movies and television series, ones with striking visuals, great story-telling, and an undercurrent of social justice and vindication — some others I love are Sin City, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, Jessica Jones, The Matrix, and Kill Bill.

Moral of the story: keep tapping into sources that make you feel inspired to create.

So I had some fun color grading some of my favorite scenes from Batman Begins (while also keeping in mind that everything is already colorgraded), picking apart my very favorite scenes.

And for your listening pleasure: one of my favorite albums and top artists of 2018 – Anika by Anika.

till next time,