My approach.

Hey, I’m Sarah.

If it’s online marketing or digital media related, I’m probably into it. All the social medias platforms you could think of? I’m probably on them. Photography, videography, and audio editing? I’ve dabbled there too.

I’m a digital media and marketing obsessed millennial. On weekends you can find me blogging, hiking, reading, or spending time with my family, probably all with a camera and/or cup of coffee in my hand.

I believe that your digital presence should reflect your business goals and mission. I design logos, marketing collateral, and social media strategy with this in mind; I want content to feel natural for each business to create and keep up.

Fun facts.

  • I discovered my passion for strategy, design, and media during college.
  • ENFJ - Yup, I'm a planner, people person, big picture gal, and hardcore feeler!
  • I'm a dog person. 🐶
  • I love to travel! My goal is to visit 30 countries by 30 years old. I studied abroad in Spain and graduated with a minor in Spanish.
  • I've run more than a couple blogs in my day! They've been lost to cyberspace now, but it was one of my biggest hobbies in college.
  • I have a BA in Communication and Information Sciences, magna cum laude from The University of Alabama. (Roll Tide, am I right?). I also graduated from undergrad in three years!
  • The red color in my branding is a subtle tribute to California Poppy Orange and Alabama Crimson.