Mad skillz.

My skills have both developed and shifted over the years. In addition to the skills listed below, I am also Google Analytics Certified and Google Search Ads Certified.

Graphic Design

Editorial Design

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing



Still scrolling? Wow, okay then.

More facts about me then!

I grew up in California, moved to the South for college, studied abroad in Spain, lived in Colorado, and am now back in California!

I graduated from The Unversity of Alabama in 2016, with a BA in Communication & Information Sciences and a Spanish Minor.

Some of my favorites: winter, red, Parks & Recreation, hydrangeas, Christmas, Led Zeppelin, dogs and this emoji: 😎

My greatest passion is people. Above all, I want to add equality, connection, joy, and beauty to the world.

Did you know I blog? You can check out some of my recent posts here: