my soul is buzzing and

I’m inspired, on fire.

In place of summer suffocating my passion,

autumn has come to simmer my soul.


does anyone else feel incredibly inspired by the weather changing? the second it turns cold, i find myself newly fresh, newly imaginative. i want to read more, i want to spend more time on the guitar and keyboard, i want to design more, i want to listen to new, different types of music, i want to cuddle up and make my spaces extra cozy and warm.

in a constant search for design inspiration and motivation, i’ve established the habit of changing my desktop backgrounds with the season. they’re usually minimal, illustration-based and this season, i’ve found myself super inspired by the izzy lamb phone wallpapers. they were some of the main inspirations for this spread!

this palette actually reminds me a bit of the first color crush i published here, i even reused one of the photos. however this is more saturated, less food-focused.

i’ve always been inspired by music. i keep finding myself going back to beirut and lana del rey every season, plus the 80’s synth vibes (shamelessly inspired by stranger things). here’s the playlist i’ve been listening to non-stop for the last couple weeks.


what’s inspiring you this season?

till next time,

as always, all photos are open source photos through – my favorite free stock photo site.