a spooky, Halloween mood board for this mid-october color crush

black cats and black crows,
orange pumpkins and glowing candles,
horror movies watched in the dead of night,
lightening striking outside,
illuminating the shadows of things you wish you couldn’t see.
does halloween fill you with fright and fear,
or excitement that it’s this time of year?

i’m probably somewhere in the middle.
a fan of halloween campiness – the cheesy 80’s horror movies,
scary stories, the monster mash.
all that goodness.

and the halloween aesthetic?
goblins, ghouls, ghosts, and witches.
totally about that life.

i hope you enjoyed this week’s mood board,
inspired by the classic orange, purple, and black
palette of holiday’s past.
but with a muted twist, of course.
i wouldn’t be me, otherwise.

i hope it gets you in the spooky spirit.

till next time,