It happens to the best of us. You’re dedicated to putting out content on Instagram in a regular basis, but something you just feel stuck. I’ve put together a little list of 27 Instagram prompts for when you feel stuck for content.

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  1. Progress on your goal for this year – Check in on some of your goals for the year by sharing your fitness, business, or personal goals with your followers!
  2. Inspirational Quote  – Make one on Canva or take a public domain
  3. Routine – Are you a wake up and have a cup of coffee person? Do you meditate on your back porch? Share a little insight into your life and ask what other’s do during their daily routine as well.
  4. What do you do for a living? Talk about your business looks like day to day or share what you’re proud of.
  5. Your favorite book – Whether it’s a book you’re ready for your business or industry or just a fun novel, share a pic of it!
  6. Flat lay with all your favorite things! Add your favorite drink, your computer, and some aspects of your business!
  7. Seasonal – Share something related to an upcoming holiday or the current season!
  8. Shout-out one of your followers or friends as a great account to follow!
  9. Food – This is an oldie but a goodie. Don’t be afraid to share a meal that’s especially wonderful!
  10. Handwriting – Whether it’s in your planner, your meeting notes, or a restaurant napkin, share something you’ve written from the day.
  11. Introduce yourself! Talk about your business, your hobbies, and more! If you’re already growing it’s a great way to get connected with your follows.
  12. 5 years ago – What were you doing five years ago today?
  13. Landscape – Share a snap from a recent vacation or stay-cation!
  14. Your passion – What makes you heart happy? What sparks your joy? Share it!
  15. Boomerang – This super fun extension application offers tons of creative inspiration. Whether you’re cheers-ing at happy hour or showing off your new business cards, it’s a great way to mix up your feed!
  16. Celebrate – Isn’t there always something to celebrate?
  17. Commute – Whether you’re listening to podcasts in the car or reading a book on BART, share a picture of what you’re commute looks like.
  18. Family – Whether it’s your work family or your personal family, it’s always nice to see some love shared on your feed!
  19. Street view – I’m always taking pictures of streets, whether it’s a funny neon sign, cool architecture, or gorgeous landscaping. Get in the habit of taking a few to share later!
  20. Gratitude – What are you grateful for today?
  21. Equipment – If you’re a photographer, maybe it’s a picture of your camera. If you’re a lawyer, perhaps it’s case studies. Share something that you use in your everyday business!
  22. New and improved – Is there something that you’ve worked on that is better now than it used to be? Share the win!
  23. Flowers – When in doubt, run to the grocery store on your way home and snap some pics of a gorgeous bouquet!
  24. Promotion – This might seem counterintuitive but sharing a promotion for an event every once in a while, whether it’s yours or one you’re simply attending, can communication that you’re up to some exciting things!
  25. Outfit of the day – Whether it’s just a snap of your shoes or a mirror selfie, share it with your followers!
  26. Drink – Coffee drinker? Tea? Iced chai latte? It’s a fail safe share that almost everyone takes part in day to day.
  27. Selfie – If you haven’t shared a photo of yourself recently, share one! It’s a great way for your followers to put a face to your brand.

If you’re especially lost, search through some of your favorite hashtags and make a folder in your Instagram bookmarks for when you need a little bit of inspiration! It’s one of my favorite tips!

Till next time,

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