The Background:

Goal: Of course the goal of all of this was to stay top of mind, rank for topics marketers were searching, and build a library of posts and resources that both customers and prospects would find useful. During my time at Net-Results, the blog was responsible for about 80% of organic traffic to the site.

My Role: My functions were content production (content brainstorm, writing, publication on WordPress, graphic design for any elements as well as featured images) and distribution (email blasts, socialization, SMM ads, etc.)

Distribution: Net-Results’ content is distributed in many different ways. First, it’s posted to a live stream of content that lives on the homepage of the SaaS application as well as on the right of the login page. The content was further distributed to the lists of people who had opted-in to receive our communications and marketing tips. During my time with the company, this has fallen under my jurisdiction as well.

Company News:

The Reasoning: Of course, Net-Results wants their hottest news, both locally and industry-wide to be highlighted on their blog. While distinctions as G2 High Performed had previously been ignored, we added section



Is email marketing still relevant?

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