Net-Results Redesign

Net-Results website was in desperate need of a major refresh. In addition to carrying out a brand refresh, I headed the design team responsible for carrying out the website redesign. The first stage included transferring all of the information from the old site into a new, modern look that represented our new colors. The later stage included copywriting refreshes.



Geo Engineering Solutions is a engineering firm that offers geotechnical consulting, engineering geology, and materials testing. When launching, they needed a basic website that reflected their visual identity and gave high level information. In addition to writing the copy, I designed a simple website that would be easily updatable by their future marketing teams and would function well with minimal updating.

Omni Social Media

Since launching in 2015, Omni Social Media has helped hundreds of Bay Area business owners to develop successful and effective digital marketing strategies. In addition to creating a new brand identity, I created a website that reflected their multiple product offerings and highlighted the core of the company, helping brands and their business owners to conquer the world of social media.