Whether you’re a blogger looking to make connections, a mom looking for advice, or an entreprenuer looking for leads, Twitter is your place to go. But developing and maintaining a Twitter Growth Strategy can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be!

Follow these tips to develop your Twitter Growth Strategy in less than 15 minutes a day!

Twitter Growth Strategy

  1. Post Consistently
    Post 5+ times a day, everyday with a mixture of original and reposted content. Retweet relevant articles, pictures, or quotes form accounts you love. Good, consistent content is the absolute key! Make this easier on yourself by spending an hour a week going through a scheduling it instead of spending 10 minutes a day. If you’re already doing this, you’re ahead of the curve!
    Time: 10 minutes a dayPost 5+ times a day, everyday with a mixture of original and reposted content! Click To Tweet
  2. Follow Influencer’s Followers
    This is as easy as going to those accounts that you always find yourself looking at and following a couple accounts that follow them. Chances are that if you like them, they’ll like you! This is a great way to get exposure to people who will probably like your content.
    Time: 2 minutes a day
  3. Build Community
    Spend two minutes a day replying to people who have tweeted you. Your goal is to make connections – don’t discount the people who are appreciating your content!
    Time: 2 minutes a dayYour goal with Twitter is to make connections. Respond to people who are acknowledging your content! Click To Tweet
  4. Get Twitter on Your Website
    Integrate Twitter onto your website and into your other channels of content is essential. Mention it in your Facebook live, place your tweets in your blog’s sidebar, and .
    Time: 0 extra minutes a day! One and done.
  5. Click to Tweet
    I use Better Click to Tweet, but same-same. This allows you to take those golden nuggets of information and make them super easy to tweet. You’ll see them in all of my posts because they’re so easy to use and make for amazing conversions.
    Time: 0 extra time!Use Click to Tweet to add easily-Tweetable golden nuggets! Click To Tweet

BONUS: Join Twitter Chats
This is one my favorite tips because it’s so underutilized. Do some research on the best Twitter chats in your niche and get involved! Twitter Chats are a great way to make connections and maintain Twitter Growth because you build connections with people who are like you, who will build you up, and who will teach you. [Special shoutout to my favorite Travel Twitter Chat: #JAChat]
Time: 30 min/week

Twitter Chats build connections with people who are like you, build you up, and teach you. Click To Tweet

What’s your favorite Twitter Growth Strategy?

Comment down below!

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