Our team has been busy, busy, busy in the last month preparing for the launch of Geo-Engineering Solutions, a geotechnical engineering firm in the Bay Area.

Eric Swenson, P.E., C.E.G., and President/CEO of Geo-Engineering Solutions, wanted a logo that would stand out against his competitors. We sat down and found out that nearly all of his competing companies has logos on the cool blue range of the color wheel, a lot of them pairing with a shade of yellow.

In order to bring a fresh look to a traditional industry, we opted for warm earth tones. The earth tones also worked well with the Mount Diablo outline and rock layers of the final design. The end result landed us with a green tone, fitting the traditional cool toned bill, but also with a mid-century color palette that feels fresh and unique to geo-tech.


The branding and visual identity of Geo-Engineering Solutions was followed by web development. We created a website with a  modern scrolling design, with traditional elements such as a top right menu section. Check out some of the elements we created for geo-eng.net below!

Thank you to Geo-Engineering Solutions for a fun and fulfilling project to start off 2017 with a bang!