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Graphic design is one of my passions and while I don’t think that it’s everyones’ strength, I want to empower you to feel better equipped with your graphic design skills! I’ve compiled a complete guide of my absolutely favorite FREE graphic design resources to help you tap into your creative side. This archive will help you gain a designer’s edge in a world of ugly graphics!

15 Free Graphic Design Resources

    This website is full of tutorials, and is one that I used for years to comprehensively learn programs like Illustrator and InDesign. This service requires a subscription but sometimes you can get one through your local library – so check that out! It features tutorial videos that walk you step by step through the features of different programs. If you’re looking to learn new programs, this is for you.
    DaFont is a website download site that allows you to search for fonts based on characteristics like “handwritten” or “holiday.” Pro Tip: Use the search options to make sure you select “
  3. Canva
    Now, this should be used sparingly and is semi-looked down on by graphic designers but it’s so. darn. easy. that I couldn’t leave it out of this list. Whether you’re looking to make blog graphics, postcards, or social media posts, this free service makes it easy with templates and custom colors and fonts. Definitely worth it for beginners!
  4. Creative Market
    Creative Market is a huge resource for paid graphics, fonts, logos, and more. The best thing about it is that every Monday they give out free 6 resources. I check it out every Monday to see if there’s anything good that I can use!
  5. Gratisography
    This is a free stock photo website that houses lots of awesome free images for you to use in your social media and marketing efforts!
  6. Tuts+
    Tuts+ is great if you’re looking for tutorials on how to do something specific in a program. Whether you want to learn how to add stars to a sky in Photoshop or make a custom intro in AfterEffects, this is the place to go! It’s also great because the steps are often written out instead of a video that you have to watch in full.
    If you’re stuck on what colors go together or want a color combination that’s a little bit out of the box, this is the place to go. With the simple tap of a space bar, it generates color palettes. You can add your own and then see what it matches it with – SO much fun to play around with! (Paletton is also great place to start with color theory!)
  8. Pexels
    This is hands-down my favorite free photo site and probably the graphic design resource I use the most. It compiles other sites like UnSplashme into one place that’s easy to search and download from. They’re also not your typical white-background stock photos – which makes them even better to use!
    I use Dibbble to discover other artist’s work and scroll through designs when I’m feeling uninspired. Used sparingly, it’s a fantastic way to check up on others!
  10. Graphic Burger
    This website houses hundreds and hundreds of free graphics for you to use in your posters, business cards, or other promotional material.
  11. FontSquirrel
    More free fonts – yay!
  12. Behance
    Behance is Adobe’s portfolio site and features thousands of incredibly talented artists and designers showcasing their portfolios. It’s not only a great place to house your work but also makes a great stream of inspiration.
  13. AdWeek
    This might be a little bit of a stretch for some people. but using magazines and articles as a source of graphic design knowledge is a great way to go. Like Behance, it shows the industry news and standards and helps you grow as a designer!
    This site features hundreds of textures to use for free. Whether you’re looking for grunge-y spray paint on concrete or vintage paper or anything in-between, you’ll find it here.
  15. Flat UI Colors
    If you’re going to be working with any type of UI, this is a great place to start for flat colors.

What’s your favorite graphic design resource? What’s one you’re willing to pay for? Comment down below!

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