frames of reference: an unabashed documentation of what I’m loving right now.

In a world of AI and my day job consisting of writing many, many, many paragraphs upon paragraphs of marketing copy, I’ve found myself missing the regular outlet of writing for personal and non-business purposes.

Documentation is also just fun and interesting. Trends come and go and sometimes your taste remains in the leftovers. Documenting everything and anything that inspires you means there’s more to pull from when you need a little bit of something to help get the creativity flowing.

(TikTok has a trending format of a weekly/monthly R.E.P.O.R.T. — realizing, eating, playing, obsessing, recommending, and treating: it’s basically a regurgitation of the age-old internet formatting of “favorites.” Share your favorites, see others favorites, get recommendations, etc.)

So here are some things that I find myself referencing a lot these days:

creating instead of consuming.

Style. | Words, Quotes, Inspirational quotesIt’s no secret that consumption, specifically when it comes to clothing, is at an all-time high. Apparently, the number of clothes the average consumer purchases has increased 60 percent between 2000 and 2014, with no signs of stopping nor slowing.

And here’s the kicker of it: this is not an indication that people who could really use more clothes are now getting access to clothing. This is pure overconsumption. I, like ma

I have thoughts upon thoughts — mainly about the acceleration of trend cycles, the continued emphasis on and growht of “-core” fashion, and how the internet exacerbates issues that are already present in society like teenagers wanting to find identity. Remember when the really rich kids used to carry Coach bags in the ’00s? It’s been replaced by bags multiple times over the cost.

So anyways, one of my personal style goals for 2024 is creating and styling instead of consuming and buying. I’ve started Mandy Lee (@oldloserinbrooklyn)’s 75hardstylechallenge which can be boiled down to the essentials of getting dressed everyday, documenting your outfits, and not buying anything new.

Some of my favorite content creators who make conscious consumption/sustainable fashion content: Sophie Dowl, BeepWorld, Laini Ozark, AlexaSunshine83, OldLoserinBrooklyn, and Heather aka PigMami.

long term wishlists.

What’s better than getting what you want after a long wait? What’s better than finding the perfect piece after a long hunt?

It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve been serious about my shopping consumption. In 2022, probably 80% of what I bought was secondhand. This year was thrown off a little bit by maternity clothing being absolutely nonexistent in person and at thrift stores, but even still I stuck to my principles: think about what I buy, buy what I love, and stick with secondhand when at all possible. This will continue with even stricter rules in 2024.

christmas classics

This is my first Christmas as a parent and there’s nothing that brings out my nostalgia like classically sentimental occasions. The combination has me leaning into the traditions of my childhood and wanting to not only recreate, but also to document, those moments.

Vince Guaraldi Trio Christmas album playing in the background, a thousand miles of plaid ribbon on the Christmas tree… it’s dreamy, isn’t it?

till next time,