Hi, hello, it’s been a while! And I’ve missed it!

Most of my free time has been preoccupied with tasks. Lists and lists and lists of tasks. Think: planning a wedding, launching a new website and logo at work, traveling a ton, etc. Aka… stress. Think: stress.

I think when we’re stressed, we tend to put all things on hold and focus on completing tasks to combat the stress. We stop doing the things that we enjoy, the things that bring us happiness… then we get more stressed out because we’re only doing things that stress us out… and wonder why we’re so stressed.

Is this the most meaningful thing I can do right now?

There are a lot of things I tend to cut out when I get stressed. All of my creative hobbies fly out the window; I neglect my piano and guitar, I stop scrapbooking, I generally feel uninspired with design. I probably stop journaling and dabbling in badly-written poetry.

The first day of summer is quickly approaching and if you’re reading this, I hope you find this as a reminder to get back to the things that make you happy and make your heart feel light.

Get outside into the sunshine or take a melancholy walk through a bookshop on a rainy day. Brew an extra cup of coffee or burn your favorite candle. Write or play music or dance like nobody’s watching.

There’s no time like the present.

till next time,

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