If you’re reading here — what’s up? Why are you here?

JK. Here’s what I’m inspired by currently.

90’s minimalism

This ain’t news. It’s called office siren or something like that now and before that it was Phoebe Philo at Celine and before that it was just the 90s style icons (with a bunch of other steps in between).

I’ve also seen this rolled into the quiet luxury trend but that’s not what this is to me. 90’s minimalism is a little sexy and subversive; you’ll find no Chanel tweed or bow-adorned ballet flats in these parts.

feeling inspired by: neutrals, linen, the Olsen twins, clean lines, flowy silhouettes, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

70’s jackie kennedy

After her pillbox hat era, Jackie O became a little bit of a 70s casual style icon. Chic on holidays in Italy or walking through the streets of LA plus a fan of repeating outfits and accessories. Her style has remained culturally relevant for years.

feeling inspired by: browns, big sunglasses, casual elegance, midi skirts, patterns, European leisurewear.

60’s lilly

Okay so minimalism on one end, and bright, loud, psychedelic florals on the other.

My first exposure to the brand of Lilly Pulitzer was the 2010’s Southern sorority girls that I saw on Pinterest. They’re white! They’re (mostly) blonde! Their hands are on their hips or they’re squatting in layered formation! You know the type.

But Lilly started in West Palm Beach as the side hobby of the newly married (eloped, rather scandalously) fashion mogul to be. She was cool. She was fun. She threw parties and being interesting was a prerequisite for an invite. She frequently went commando. A 60’s free spirit!

feeling inspired by: bandanas, bright colors, 60’s florals, shift and swing dresses