The trope of blue eyes are a trope of 80s makeup at this point but there was so much pink! Purple! Shimmer! Colored eyeliner! I have to admire the risk and proclivity for fun that makeup had. Natural who? Understated where? Opulence and glamour rule around here.


Max Factor 1983 Wild Orchids Ad


I’m a big hair girly!!! I will love big hair forever! Waterfall bangs aren’t likely to make a comeback any time soon but look at that body! That volume! That bang!

1987 Agree II Advertisement wtih Kathy Ireland

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1987 Clairol Ad



In my quest to have more useless information packed into the recesses of my brain, I found this comment — “in the late 80s I remember lots of mauve and shimmery pinks. There was a lot less variety back then – I don’t remember seeing anything widely available other than beige, pink, or red until about 1994.” Someone replied, “I remember Wet N Wild being the only one that would have any non-mainstream colors. I’d purchase a handful of bottles of their black polish at Halloween to get through the year. It was either that or sharpie. Goth kids today will never understand how hard we had it.” Apparently red nails and French tips were also big which are two of my favorite things as well.


Source (this Flickr account is gold!)